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Tuition in Voice, woodwind,
piano & guitar

with Rob & Jill Oats

Everyone can enjoy the feeling of singing.
Reconnect with your voice.

The whole aim of singing and toning is to have fun, relax and relieve stress.
Through the ages people have been "singing the blues away." That is what singing is all about.
We sing for joy, we sing with grief, we sing to show our emotional state of mind.
With that in mind I run these events in a casual relaxed atmosphere where people can remove the barriers and be themselves.

Learn to sing from the Heart
and unfold your own wonderful voice.
It helps to reduce stress and tension

Available for Resonant Sings and Voice Workshops

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The Details

Resonant Sings: These sessions have been run at festivals and conferences around the state. We take you through a series of simple breathing exercises to loosen up the body and get the energy flowing freely. A guided relaxation using harmonic voice and Tibetan singing bowls and bells calms the mind, allowing the body to be open to creating the resonance of the voice. Then we sing a few songs, experiment with rounds and harmonies and generally have fun with the voice. This all results in improving the energy levels and is a great way to energise the body, get the voice humming and have a bit of fun. If done first thing in the morning they will give people energy to get through a day's hectic scedule or during the day to recharge the batteries..

To organise a Resonant Sing for your group or conference
please contact me to discuss price.
Sessions are usually 1 - 2 hrs.

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Voice Workshops: (limit of 6 - 10) Aimed at developing the voice by integrating the whole body into the creation of the sound. I assist people to hear the sound of their own voice and identify which area is under strain and thereby making adjustments to alleviate the tension. This culminates in a totally relaxed full resonant voice. You are guided through various exercises designed to give you the tools to be able to sing with confidence and enjoy your own resonant voice. We also touch on the healing aspect of vocal toning and singing as a way of releasing emotional blocks.
For song practise during sessions I now have the use of CD backing to provide better accompaniment.
The following things are introduced:

The Workshops can be over one or two days and allow you to focus for a longer period and therefore clear the barriers that are locking up and blocking the voice. There is plenty of 'one-on-one' time as well as partner and group activities. When the commitment is given the results will come. This is a fun way to get the most out of your voice and really experience what an open and resonant voice can do for you. The workshops are aimed at all levels so that the more experienced people can 'fine tune' what they have learnt in previously.

Development of the voice is a never ending journey so you may as well take your time, relax and enjoy the trip!

You will learn how to use your voice
without losing your voice.

If you wish to run a weekend workshop please call to discuss price

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Teacher background
Rob has been singing, playing guitar and writing songs for more than 30 years, regularly performing solo and with The Rambling Bilbies and other bands at clubs, festivals, concerts and private functions around the state. He performs his own compositions as well as his own interpretations of others and has produced tapes of his own songs and music and is currently working on a CD. In the last few years he have been exploring voice from a different perspective and is now helping others to reconnect with the voice they were born with. His use of Tibetan singing bowls and bells has helped a lot of people to relax into their own voice and the singing sessions and sound meditations are very popular around the state as a fun relaxing way to energise the body and relax the mind.
Jill is classically trained and has extensive experience teaching instrumental and choir music over the last 30 years, both instrumental and bands. She is proficient in piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone (alto and soprano) & picolo and is a qualified teacher with experience teaching in WA and Queensland schools and with the School of Instrumental Music. She also performs with The Rambling Bilbies and fills in for various other bands when required.

Contact Information
phone: (08) 9377 4733, mob: 041 890 8899
(if outside of WA please remember time difference)

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